Multi-Head All Combination Welders

4 Head in-line turret welders

  • Pneumatic back fences. Does away with the need for awkward backfence alignment, precise alignment of transom regardless of v-notch depth.
  • Adjustable support arms, solid construction rear roller support for cruciform, support arms in situ when heads are turreted.
  • Pneumatic operated 10-position revolver stop for precise alignment of transoms. Eliminates need for aligning heads for transom welding.
  • Automatic self-centering when in turret position
  • Each head individually controlled
  • Can be used as two separate 2 heads
  • Change over time is virtually eliminated
  • Working length 5450mm
  • Heated welding seam restrictions
  • Each head has front clamp pressure regulator

SL2Uni Two head combination welder

  • Auto back fence facility
  • Both welding heads are fitted with ball bearings and mounted on polished
    and hardened guidance rods
  • Left welding head with pneumatic brake
  • Right adjustable welding head with pneumatic brake
  • Right welding head manually adjustable over the total length of the machine bed
  • Safety clamping system with automatic profile height adjustment
  • Electronic machine control with temperature and compressed air monitoring
  • Two handed operation
  • 2mm bead restriction as standard
  • Turret Welding